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Treasurall’s China Cycle 2021 trip

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China Cycle 2021 is one of the first international bicycle exhibitions opened in China after the outbreak of the new crown epidemic in 2020. Compared with the turbulent crowds of previous years, the passenger flow this time has been reduced by about half. Many exhibitors did not come to the exhibition.

For Treasurall, every opportunity is worth all the effort.As a manufacturer with a strong verticality in auto accessories,Treasuall has won our top manufacturer reputation of car bicycle carrier in China.

Every exhibition is full of our passion for the industry. We have sincerely arranged our booth with international exhibition standards. , everyone who passes by the booth can't help but stop and take a look.

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We hope that customers who have been to our booth can help your memories through our video, and customers who have no chance to come can also see our products and learn about Treasurall.

You can find our latest online live exhibition via below link or subscribe our Youtube Chanel 【Treasurall】to watch our latest video and news!

【Live show】:

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Ningbo Chenfan Auto Accessories Co.,Ltd

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