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3 categories of bicycle carrier that the purchaser must know before the 1st order.

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Bike Carrier is a device for fixing a bicycle or a bicycle to a vehicle. In recent years, the 4+2 leisure outdoor lifestyle has been loved by cyclists all over the world; the s4+2 lifestyle is a 4-wheeled car plus 2 wheels bike. During the vacation, we can meet up with friends or drive in the field together, and then ride a bicycle all the way. It is healthier and more environmentally friendly than pure outdoor self-driving. You can relax and exercise at the same time. The outdoor leisure way is more maneuverable and flexible than just driving by car.

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The home quarantine policy for the worldwide COVID-19 epidemic in 2020 has given more families the opportunity to go outdoors. As an indispensable equipment for the "4+2" lifestyle, the Bike Carrier industry has ushered in vigorous development.

Let me introduce the three major product categories of bicycle carrier before your purchasing for the first time.

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According to the position or fixing method of the fixed bicycle, bicycle carriers are generally divided into three categories:

Rear mount type / Trunk mount type/ Roof mount type

#Rear mount bike carrier#is a tow bar or hitch installation type bicycle carrier that is currently fashionable in Europe and America,The standard for tow bar in Europe is 2” tow bar, and most in the Americas are 2" receiver. Australian vehicles are both required in the market.

The tow ball can not only tow RVs, motor boats or other equipment, but also carry bicycle racks.

It combines the advantages of top-mounted bicycle racks and back-mounted bicycle racks and overcomes their shortcomings. It is a fashionable bicycle won the heart among business people and female customer worldwide. However its high price,we can found this type are usually installed in high-end SUVs, MPVs or high-end business car.

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Treasurall has universal 2 inch ball head size,TB means 2” tow bar series,HB means 2” square received series.

#Trunk mount bike carrier# is a bicycle rack fixed in the trunk part, also called a back-type bicycle rack. It is connected to the sheet metal gap of the rear door by a metal hook, and generally does not affect the opening of the rear door.
● The good thing is that compared to the overhead bicycle rack, it is more convenient to pick and place the bicycle.
● The disadvantage is that the fixed metal hook will more or less affect the body sheet metal. When the bicycle is hung in the air, which may obscure the license plate.

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#Roof mount bike carrier# can fixed bicycle fixed on the roof. The advantage is that it can drive fast while carrying a bicycle which is professional, safe and stable. Thus deeply loved & chosen by bicycle clubs and professional athletes.

However the disadvantage is that the car height is significantly increased, which caused the tunnel passability will be affected ; the stable and safe roof bicycle rack usually adopts the design of double arms.

You can find our latest product SPECIFICATION & INSTRUCTION in Roof bike carrier catalog such as mentioned #BC-001B , #BC-001D.

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