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5 FAQ and Suggestion before purchasing a Trunk mount bike carrier

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Going outdoor a ride trip with family and friends could be one of best way to live a nature and eco-friendly life style.From 1 bike to 4 bikes holder bike carrier, various price option and model puzzled the eye already,how can we find a suitable bike carrier under your budget?

Here is the 5 types you will find in market category via mount location.

 5 FAQ and Suggestion before purchasing a Trunk mount bike carrier

After investigating the car bicycle rack products of online websites, we summarized 5 customer FAQ and put forward our suggestions for trunk mount in this article, hoping to help you in your future purchases or marketing.


The pro & con:

First of all, the 3 most eye-catching advantages of the trunk-style bicycle rack are lightness and easy installation; usually it is foldable design to save storage space. After hauled the bicycles, the height limit of the car will not be exceeded.


The only issue is that the bicycle may obscure the rear car license plate and block your view behind, which will attract the traffic police's inquiries.


The contact part:

5 FAQ and Suggestion before purchasing a Trunk mount bike carrier

Let’s make a instance as Treasurall BC-006A trunk bike carrier from Ningbo Chenfan.

The contact part with car paint usually is soft cushion on the pipe and hook of strap.Even though trunk bike carrier is universal in compact van,it’s better check if car surface easy to get scratches or deformation before you put racks on it.

Some brand may use strap or plastic wrap to fix the bikes,we suggest a adjustable clamp which surely can keep bike steady status on the rack.The bike rack plate for bike wheels is not necessary but also recommend to avoid swag noise and keep bike behave well during the trip.


FAQ1: Will this rack fit my car?

Trunk mount bike carriers are usually recommended to mount on Sedan or compact passenger vehicle without a back spare tire,what contact with your precious car are straps and soft pads on the rack pipe.So sometimes what we should care about is :

  • If your rear door made of brittle material as fiber glass that easy to crack?

  • Whether your car spoiler push against top straps?

  • A certain answer will bring you to consider a tow bar or hitch mount bike carrier maybe.

FAQ2: Will this rack easy to install?

Compare to the hitch/tow bar mount,trunk mount rack usually with lighter weight and need put on a car trunk then tighten the straps,it’s easy to install but need pay 150% attention to tighten straps proper & snugly,especially for the low price trunk mount rack.Because after hauled 3-4bikes,the smart butter numbs won’t risk of fall apart during the traffic.


FAQ3:Can open trunk still with rack installed without a bike on the rack?

We do not suggest open the trunk with the rack on.However before open the trunk,please at least removing the bottom straps which hook up at the bottom of the car. Then rack will be alright to move down towards the rear car's window.


FQA4:How to keep the bicycles from swinging when accelerating or braking with bicycles mounted ?

The swinging noise usually came from a loose straps,it may happens during long trip driving or an bumpy road.The precaution is to check whether the binding is tight before departure, and check again if there is a chance to park in the middle.And use the excess straps to tie one around your front hub & back hub,that way can double secure the bikes in place where supposed to be.


FAQ5:Will it hold all types of bike frames like girly bike or kid bike?

That mainly relates to the clamp size and wheel plate width(if equipment on the rack),as the frame is under clamp range, small frame bike won’t be a issue.


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